Why Choose Us

We at Riviera Publications have an industry-documented overall renewal rate that is exceptional for the advertising industry. Several of our publications have annual advertising renewal rates of 90% percent, while others have annual advertising renewal rates of 70-90%.


Twenty eight years of continuous yearly publications, Riviera Publications has had the same advertising, graphic, printing, and distribution team to offer the best service to the community of clients reading our publications to the advertising partners who make it possible to publish these annual directories.


Between our various publications, we offer thousands of resources for our readers. Whether it's coordination of services for children and adults with developmental disabilities, or the comprehensive list of libraries and senior centers in the area, there is something for everyone in our publications. The dozens of testimonials we receive each year confirms we hit the nail on the head.

Lasting Value

Our resources are so valuable, testimonials continually speak of readers using them for many years past the issue date. Some still have copies from 2000 that they had refused to depart with. Don't believe us? Ask around!

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Our Demographic

Riviera Publications has always had a highly targeted niche based audience, whether it be one of our senior publications, our parent publications, or one of our tourist publications. We have always strived to make our circulation reach exactly the clients looking for our resources and services. Our publications are distributed to select areas where the consumers most needing those resources are; senior centers, libraries, discharge planners for seniors and their caregivers, and public schools, libraries, pediatricians and family practice doctors for busy parents.

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