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Riviera Publications was started in 1988 with the Mission of filling a need to make people’s lives easier. Parents, Seniors, the Sandwich Generation, all walks of life need resources; resources put together in a easy to read format, showcasing the areas where almost everyone at some time in their life will need; a caregiver for an aging relative, a preschool or caregiver for a parent returning to work for the first time after having a baby, finding a day care center for a relative that lives with you but can’t be by themselves during the day or a meal service for a parent that no longer can take care of daily meal preparation.
Riviera Publications believes that their Mission is multi-faceted; Assisting consumers in finding needed resources affecting themselves or their families. We are a content-driven print and web presence with relevant, current topics for today’s busy consumers. Not a straight advertising vehicle, Riviera’s focus has always been on providing strong content whether it be on the vaccination issues facing parents, or the question of when to talk to your parents about whether their current living situation is still safe and the best option for them.
While seniors and parents have been the main focus for Riviera Publications Directories, two other areas that are part of our advertising partners are two publications for the City of Laguna Beach; the Laguna Beach Neighborhood Directory, a direct mail consumer publication chock full of Laguna resources for all Laguna residents, and the Laguna Beach Summer Festival Guide that caters to the throngs of tourists that visit Laguna during the summer art festival season.

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